How Artbeat Works

Step 1: Opening Artbeat

Opening our app is as easy as touching our icon.

If everything is working on your smartphone, Artbeat will open to a simple home screen. You'll notice a small bar of text just to ensure that everything is working perfectly and your phone is ready to scan some art! All that is left is touching "Scan Art."


Step 2: Scanning Artwork

Artbeat doesn't need a busy QR code or a long search through a database. All you have to do is hold your phone up to a piece of artwork - simple, fast, and easy.

Artbeat can recognize pieces from up to 15 feet away, even with people or furniture blocking your view! The clearer and closer the image, the faster Artbeat will find it (sometimes in under a quarter of a second!).

Step 3: What You Get

After finding local art and successfully scanning it with Artbeat, what do you get back?

Every artist with work on Artbeat gets to tailor their information to exactly what they wish to provide - whether it's a long story of inspiration, or some quick clues to the hidden artistic symbolism. In addition to background information from the artist, you can find each specific piece's price, medium, and of course, the author's name. Most importantly, you can touch a simple messaging button to send an email to the artists themselves.

Even more exciting, however, is your ability to immediately share your artistic findings on social media platforms! As long as your phone has access to the internet, you can share your favorite local art with family and friends on Twitter and Facebook.